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Handmade Goods Re/Designed for Adventure™
Fashionably Upcycled

We care about the environment and look to eliminate waste streams going to our landfills by partnering with other makers. We take their remnant or deadstock materials and upcycle them into fashion forward goods. 

Our handmade products are designed to last and incorporate actual items used in the boating & trucking industry. Our grommets, seatbelt webbing and marine grade vinyl are all USA made.


All designs are copyrighted © 2020 by On the Road Again®

Handmade and designed in Massachusetts

Patent Pending


Meet the Maker

Growing up in Hudson, I fondly remember my mom always sewing. She was a mompreneur before the term became popular and had her studio set up inside our home. We lived on a busy street which provided an opportunity for her to promote the business. She became well-known in town for being the seamstress. My sisters and I would help out and used her remnants to make things. Back then I did not foresee a future in sewing, now I'm excited to be part of the makers movement. Locally handmade goods have come full circle and I'm sure my mom would have been thrilled to see this and me sewing.

My inspiration? My mom.

Picture of the original sign we had in our front yard.