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On the Road Again began by looking for ways to eliminate waste in our landfills. Inspired by the trucking and boating industry, our hand-crafted goods are designed to last. We work with other USA made makers for our materials and fabrics. Utilizing deadstock (materials waiting to go to the landfills) and durable goods, we create fashionably upcycled and eco-friendly products, such as totes, handbags and home goods.

Meet The Maker

Growing up in Hudson, Massachusetts, I fondly remember my mom always sewing. Living on a busy street provided an opportunity to promote her sewing business. She was a mompreneur (before the term was popular) and she became known as the seamstress in town. When my sister and I were not happily helping her in her business, we would make crafts out of the remnants of her work. Back then, I did not foresee a future in sewing. Now, I am excited to be a part of the “Makers Movement”, the social movement of artisans.

Locally handcrafted goods have come full-circle and I am sure my mom would be so proud to see that I've continued sewing in her honor.

Our History

Picture of the original sign we had in our front yard.


WCBV Channel 5 News Article - Watch below